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sorry but this I’m not using this account anymore.

This too. (sorry sarah)

loosen-ings sent: If you met your past self, do you think the two of you would have gotten along?

"I’m sure we would have. I mean.. We do have the same interests.”

Anonymous sent: -pets head- You're so cute Rune.

"Ah… Thank you..?" ;

ladyzephyx sent: Hello Rune. I just wanted to tell you that I think you're very cute! And I hope one day, Yamato-kun returns your feelings :3

"Ah.. Thank you.." He scratched his cheek in a sheepish manner.

youre-too-good-for-that sent: "So you're still kicking then." The ultimate evil sneered as he licked the blood off his claws.

"Eh…? Oh, hello Vice.." Rune saw the blood on Vice’s gauntlets and sighed a little.

smartass-helper sent: "Hello Rune.." Service waved in a friendly manner, but kept his distance. He didn't know where Jealous was, and he just lost a battle, so he didn't want to get into anymore trouble.

”.. Oh. Hello, Service.” Rune adjusted his glasses, looking over at him.

{ omg sorry this is so late }

Anonymous sent: HELLO 

"Oh.. Hello."